Forget Me Not – Lilac Street Marikina


Desserts!! Always make room for desserts!! After trying alot of dishes in Lilac Street in Marikina, The Philippines. It’s time to try out one of it’s famous sweet house.

Forget Me Not.


As recommended by a dear friend Shobe, we looked for this place along the food street. Luckily the place is just along the highway and it was easily located.

I believe we came in a little early though and that’s a good thing! I was able to roam around the citadel and took some photos. It was pretty well lit and it gives this chabby chic feel that I love. It’s spacious and looks so neat. They have tables good for a couple and also for group. They even have a designated area for those who wish to smoke. Reservations for an event will not be a problem here because you can rent the entire 2nd floor for a birthday party, private wedding reception, christening or i think it’s also nice for wedding proposals.

My oh my, I was stuck in the cake window. That feeling that I got glitters and sparkles in my eyes and uhm yeah drops of drools on the floor. It’s a better feeling than staring at a candy store because my goodness, who doesn’t love cakes?!

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Chocolate cakes aren’t really my favourite thing. We’ll I actually don’t like it lol but just out of curiosity and enticed by the name of the cake, I picked the Devil Cake. Some say chocolates are evil but I think this one temptation worth giving in.


The cocoa hit was actually there. Sweet yet bitterish and i liked it! the cake was fairly moist and the texture of the sexy chocolate hug on the cake, yum.


Smores lover? We also tried their cake version of it. The Mallow Cake. We’ll as the name implies, It has molten mallows at the top and oohh ssooo sssooo inviting. It’s actually delicious and will satisfy any one who craves for a sweet chocolatey treat.

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Cakes are better with something hot. Like, coffee. We got two of their fancy drinks to compliment the munching experience.


After the gastronomical encounter, The staff were very very kind to have a quick photo op and mind you, it wasn’t just the treats that are sweet, its also their captivating cheerfulness and smiles.

The Verdict

Food / Drinks :  9 Spoons

The taste and texture of the cakes we tried are enough to give them a 9. Those were really yummy and all are reasonably priced. The presentation is exceptional and will definitely tease your eyes.

Location: 9 Spoons

Since it’s located along the high way like I mentioned earlier, You wont get lost in finding this place. They also have ample parking space for those who will be bringing their wheels. The ambiance is also spectacular and need not to say more, just check the photos. :p

Price : 9 Spoons

With the taste, presentation, staff experience and interiors. It’s all worth it. Reasonably priced and every penny spent will be A.O.K.

Employees : 9 Spoons

Their Employees from front desk, to waitresses to the bakers and chefs are really really accommodating. They’re welcoming and it’s like looking at a group of silly group of friends who delivers a great experience.

Overall : 9 Spoons

Forget me not is a dessert mecca I can strongly suggest for those who wish to try the food finds in Lilac Street Marikina. It’s also a great place to treat your family, friends, lovers and even your self.



Serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks

24 Lilac Street
Marikina City
facebook: CafeForgetMeNot
+63 917 869 9104