L. Escarda’s Coron’s Harvest. Busuanga Palawan


Summer 2014 kicked off with an island tour with my sister and her family. As a birthday gift (yey!), my sister let me hitch with their trip in Coron Palawan. Facebook flooder as I am, I got a direct message from one of my batchmate in college. He told me to visit one of the important woman in his life and gave me a tip that she sells the best pasalubong (treats) in town.


Day 2 of our Fambam, my sibling came along with me and to our surprise, the woman we are going to look for is a famous lady in Busuanga. She makes the best and the finest Cashew produce in the island. L. Escarda’s Coron Harvest.


“Nanay Lita” as the locals call her, built a store of love. She’s actually a sort of a relative of my friend and just fell in love with the creations she was able to make with cashew. They have hectares of cashew trees and due to the recent calamity that hit Palawan, she had a slight struggle but in Gods grace they were able to bounce back and still strives to rebuilt what was lost.


Antipolo Cashews are good but when I tried the ones that Nanay Lita prepared, it’s like OMG. LIKE OMG THOLOGO! it’s love love love. (and even i stored some when I got home, it still tasted great after a week 🙂 ). You can taste and feel the love and care of a mother in every single piece of the roasted nut. No exaggeration but it really taste good!! The Famous “nanay of cashews of Coron” as she is, she’s well visited by both LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL celebrities who visits the island to bring home some of her love.


When in Coron, buying pasalubong is highly recommended in l. Escarda’s Coron’s Finest. just a 10 php tricyle ride from the town center and for sure the driver will take you in Coron;s Finest store. and oh by the way, when we were inside nanay Lita’s store, i noticed she had a collection of old stuff toys. some may have been left in the streets but she cleaned and kept it. uhm, if you have any thing you can share her when you visit her, please do so. (teary eyed). I promise, when I get back, ill bring her one. She will be a great mom when you visit her, she will tell you great stories about Coron and mind you, she’s very fluent in english. Very articulate and she’s like a fine lady in great suburbs.