Ziggurat.. a temple of food extravaganza


Ziggurat is an architectural legacy built by ancient civilization. That’s what i know before my Best Foodie Friend Tin of http://pinasfoodtrip.com/ ( check out her site! ) discovered this haven within Makati. It was a stormy Friday afternoon when we kicked off from work to find this hidden gem. We were joined by our colleague friend Ron Allan in this quest and hopefully soon joining the league of pinoy bloggers 🙂 Thanks to Ron’s Ipad and LTE, we didn’t get lost. Great job google map for the GPS function!


When we arrived at the location, we were welcomed by a woman ( with the same hair color and sort of same hair style that i have ) and gave us a warm welcome. Since its raining men, we decided to dine inside the restaurant, luckily, we were the only ones there and oohhh la la la la. The interior is like a mecca of distinct eastern arts! It’s a very divine ambiance with no spicy smell ( you know what i mean 🙂 ). Did i mention i love the pink chandelier hanging in the middle with fab drapes of fabrics!! gorgeous!!! The lady handed us the menu and i thought it was a newspaper / broadsheet we read every morning. They have a VERY WIDE ARRAY of dishes and took us a while to pick what to eat.



Tin ordered:


Chicken Kabsa – 200 php

Arabian rice dish cooked with tomato sauce and Arabic herbs and spices topped with chicken chunks.

Though it looks like it will taste somehow close to spaghetti, it didn’t taste like that at all. The smokeyish taste of the chicken complimented the soury taste of the tomoatoes in rice. There’s a tiny after taste of spiciness that blended well with the other herbs.


( Photo credit : Ron Rocco )

Peasant Salad – 100 php

light salad of diced tomatoes, onions and cucumbers.

It’s a little too sour-ish for my taste and it will go well with any barbecued / smoked meat. It’s also a good breaker for the variety of flavours in your mouth.

Ron Ordered:


( Photo credit : Ron Rocco )

Personal Platter of Mixed kebab specials – 285 php

Beef Tikka

Very flavourful grilled meat. It was marinated well and the herbs married well with the chunky taste of the beef.

Chicken Tikka

Smoked well and very yummy. It’s a barbecued chicken with flavour! yumm!

Fish Kufteh 

It’s fish. didn’t try it 🙂

with grilled Tomatoes, Onions and minced parsley.

You may try dripping the onions to the curry sauce ( see below ) or even with their Shawarma sauces. 🙂


Turkish Eggplant PIlavi – 100 php

long grain rice wit eggplants tomatoes and garlic

It’s very yummy. This may again looks like a pasta sauce mixed with rice but with the texture of the eggplant and garlic with the rice and the sour ish taste of tomatoes complimented in my mouth.

I ordered:


( Photo credit : Ron Rocco )

Indian Tomato Soup – 60 php

A spicy soup made with whole tomatoes, peppercorns and chilies.

By far, the best tomato soup I’ve tasted!! its spicy yet soury but not like a spicy sinigang na may kamatis. The taste was rich and full of flavour. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!


Pakistani Carrot Curry – 120 php

The star of the dining table. Eventhough its just a plain dices of carrots with curry sauce, its one divine marriage of spices and herbs. There’s a distinct salty – spicy ish taste that makes it different from other curries i’ve tried. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ( 3 cups of rice for this dish will be enough lol )

Afghani Rice – 90 php

premium Basmati rice, butter, parsley and cilantro

And because we just had this as an add on and we were enjoying the food, we forgot to take a photo of this rice. 🙂 we’ll the taste of cilantro balanced the butter and parsley tastes. It just looks simple, you know rice with green thingies but the taste is a like a dynamite!


Redish berry ish tea ( sorry forgot to write it down lol )

They have a different menu for the drinks and this tea tastes like heaven. It’s berry ish, sweet but it has a prominent bitter ish taste that’s very refreshing. You must have this cup before leaving the resto. We’ll i guess its the same tea you can buy from starbucks but this one is very affordable!


( Photo credit ; Ron Rocco )

Yeah obviously had a taste of each other’s orders. except for the drinks. 🙂 The woman who approached us earlier was the manager of the restaurant, Ma’am Zenda. She was very accommodating and was kind enough to share stories and laughs with us. She said they are open 24 hours, and usually have celebrities dining every early morning like Cory Quirino, PIolo Pascual etc. Most of their diners are gimmick goers who wants to cap the party off with a nice meal. They’ve been in the business for 8 years and for sure they will stay longer than a century with their fabulous offerings.


( Photo credit ; Ron Rocco )

My Verdict:

Food: 10 Spoons

I haven’t tried 50% of their menu but with what we had, my tounge and tummy had a fantastic feast!

Ambiance: 10 spoons

I love the option of slouching on a couch while eating. the lighting, color, and every decorations will surely make you feel your in the middle east ( of course minus the camels )

Price: 9 spoons

Though its sounds impractical to buy a bowl of rice for more than 50 bucks, hello, its flavoured and it’s all worthit. compared to other restaurants I tried, by far they had the most affordable food with enough serving and its very delicious.

Location: 9 Spoons

If your not very familiar with the area, its better to know their address and check google map. It’s quite a few walk from the main street but it was a solstice isolation i definitely appreciate.

DIRECTIONS: ( from their FB page )

From Buendia:
Turn right onto Makati Avenue towards Mandaluyong Bridge. Turn right at P. Burgos St. and go 50 meters and take the first left turn. When you see the 7-11 sign, then you will see Ziggurat at the corner of Euphrates and Tigris Streets.

From Mandaluyong Bridge:
From Makati Avenue, head towards Buendia and take a left turn on P. Burgos.

Overall: 9 spoons

I loved the place and the character of Ziggurat Cuisines. I will surely comeback for more and make a part 2 / 3 / 4 or more of this restaurant. Highly recommended for those who are adventurous and for those who love spicy and middle eastern cuisines.

Ziggurat’s cuisine from India, the Mediterranean, Africa, and Middle East

Durban Street Corner Makati Avenue, Makati  Tigris, Makati City

Phone : (+632) 897 5179

Mobile Phone Number : 09234459717

Fax : (+632) 897 5179

E-mail : info@zigguratcuisine.com




( Photo credit ; Ron Rocco )