Ben’s Ice Cream Halo Halo San Pablo City


Scorching hot day here in San Pablo City. My brother and my sister in law took me to a different kind of food trip since I’ve been craving for something new and something local. Well, they know how much I love cold stuff specially ice cream so they decided to join me in my quest of finding food hubs here in our province.


It was just a few minutes tricycle ride from the town, we then arrived in this small outdoorsy restaurant, Ben’s Ice Cream Halo Halo. The place wasn’t really that fancy but it does gives a comfy vibe for their customers.


I browsed their menu and i say oohhh finally, i found something new! they only have few items in the list but 2 of them stood out because i haven’t tried nor seen such dishes.


I immediately ordered.. Winter Spicy Halo-halo and Burgetti.



Burgetti.. is just a combination of burger and spaghetti. lol that figures. It’s a home made burger patty with home cooked spaghetti in a bun. At first I find it weird but as i munch the burger, uhm.. not bad. though it’s carbs on carbs on carbs, it tastes good.


Winter Spicy Halo halo.

wow. This is a tropical country and we haven’t really experienced winter and I’m such a Halo halo fantard like majority of Filipinos and it says spicy? i drooled lol. composed of Banana (Sabah), Macapuno, White beans, my favourites Ube and LecheFlan plus.. Chili Powder!! oh wow what more i could ask for?! lol It’s cold and its yummy and its sweet and it has the after taste of chilli. yyuumm!!


Ben’s Halo halo has been in the industry for 2 years and apparently they have branches in Alaminos, Liliw, Nagcarlan and Manggahan Cavite. They are open from 8:00 am to 8:30 daily as mentioned by their waiter. They can accommodate approximately 25 people inside and outside the resto.


So if you’re like me who wish to spice up the summer heat or even want to experience something new and you’re in San Pablo. better check this place out!

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