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Grillery Restaurant and bar is a 5 year old Grill hub run by a management graduate of Southville Foreign Colleges Raphael “Ryan” Dannung and his sexy chef brother Edmund Dannung. Located in Greenhills town center, this mecca of food showcases a variety of menu and safe ambiance for family dinner or barkada drink outs! Open from 5:00 pm to 2:00 AM 7 days a week, Grillery can accommodate comfort seating up to 80 pax (35 inside / 45 outside).


Ryan proudly told the story of their restaurant. He said, they just started their humble beginning of selling assorted pinoy favorite inihaws in a small store in Makati until they ventured their new sole journey in Greenhills San Juan 3 years ago.  A family business infused with their calibrated academics and flamed by their passion, they become one of the known bistro in the town. Though they admit that they’re still in the process of reinventing and improvising, Ryan and Chef Edmond warmly welcomes suggestion and recommendations to satisfy your taste buds.


One of their objectives is to escalate the pinoy grilled norms to the next level. Challenged was boldly accepted by Chef Edmond, who gained his title since 2007. He finished culinary studies in ISCAHM (international school of culinary arts and hotel management) and still gaining knowledge in Enderun Upper McKinley Hill Taguig. He worked in various restaurants both local and abroad and has served the Philippines First Family in Malacanang during the era of the recent female President. He said he’s confident with his Greek Salad, Cream of Pumpkin soup, and beef dishes! They improvised the flavors and presentation without compromising the cozy feel of these Filipino comfort food.

I was accompanied by my dear pal, who apparently was a customer of Grillery, Aileen Siwa of She said the place and food was great that pushed my feet and my tongue’s enthusiasm to the nth power! We were welcomed by Sir Kim and had a quick catch up before we started taking pictures. I’m glad to see he’s happy with my little token from Coron.  Talks, smokes, laughter and peanuts then we were ready to meet the owner, the chef and encounter their cuisines. We settled inside and the array of dishes came in.


Balinese Fish

Dory fish with vegetables and sauce.

Since I’m off limits to this, I asked for Kim and Ai’s comments. They said it has a well balanced taste of sweet, sour and spiciness. As Ryan explained, they tried different fish meats hence, dory is known for its adaptability with flavours, they transformed it to this fine dish best this holy week season!


Chicken Ala Kiev

Chicken wrapped in crunchy coating and oh! So divine! Melted butter and herbs sauce! Ryan mentioned there are only less then 10 restaurants who serves it in the metro and they’re one of them but they gave it a “Grillery” touch that makes it unique and flavourful. I was a little curious at first when they were asking us to crack it open. I did do the honour and then I know why, you have to cut it in the middle so you will see how the sauce smoke burst and flow down to the rice. if we can capture the aroma from within, you’ll have a couple of rice with you while reading and sniffing this post. It’s an experience that gave me a thrill to try it. White meat is the best part of the chicken for me and I’m very very pleased with the taste that harmonized in my mouth. Crunchy coating reminded me of Mini Stops Kariman but way far better. Though I longed for a taste resonance, its one of their best sellers in the house and Aileen and Kim loved the coating!


Grillery Liempo

Grilled pork into perfection! As I mentioned in my previous posts, I’m not really a fan of liempo but Grillery’s version is by far the best one I tasted. It doesn’t have the hard skin part! It’s soft and you don’t need knife to cut its tenderness. As they say, spoon is enough to get a piece of the meat. Marinated with the typical pinoy mix, they have their own blend of spices that made the taste and texture outstanding!

Aside from those 3 dishes they served, they also offer Sizzling Bulalo, Grillery Sausage, “Tinonong” (kilawin na liempo) and other cuisines made from finely selected raw resource. Wines are also available for only 700 php a bottle. For this month, version of Chile is in the menu. Every 2 – 3 months, they reload their cellars with a different series.

This place is recommended for family dinner since they offer a group meal good for every member of the family and also recommended for group of friends who are looking for a nice place to hang out with, drink and have delicious and affordable pulutans! they also accept reservations for events / team meetings  and catering services too!

Grillery Restaurant and Bar

Unit 3 Greenhills Towncenter

2 Granda Street Barangay Valencia Quezon City


Mobile: 0917 556 56 52

Phone: 586 30 85

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