BGC Bar Crawl 2017


Chef Kalel De Metrio, a guy I met when I was invited in DinePH Misamis Occidental. Tall, Handsome (naks!) and have that head turning hair style lol. From then on, I didn’t know that he’ll be a great chummy along the way.


Weekday of 2017 summer, I got a message from a dear good atey Cherry Burwell, which is ahem actually one of the most influential women. She asked me if I can join them in a bar hopping thing to try Chef Kalel’s distinctive liquidarts. Good thing it’s just within my radius and I jumped in to the caravan!

The Big Difference Communications (TBDC) with Chef Ervincent “Kalel” Demetrio, has came up with a bar crawl tour this April 4, 2017 in line with the upcoming Madrid Fusion 2017.  Chef Kalel is one of the featured chef’s in the fore mentioned event and with this; he wishes to share some of his creations and the establishments who carries them. Special thanks to all participating brands and to Distileria and Locally.


Big Bad Wolf

A restaurant-bar located at Burgos Circle in BGC.  This establishment features international dishes prepared with local produce.  Opens from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 AM till 2:00 AM, Big Bad Wolf is your homey place to eat away from home.

Burrata – an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream.  With Big Bad Wolf, the cheese (mozzarella and cheddar) is made from carabao’s milk.  It is smoked with acacia wood giving it added flavor. Served with tomatoes and greens with salt toppings, this appetizer is a good way to start a meal.



Carbonara with Pork Cheeks

the cream is also from carabao’s milk.  The pork cheek is made crunchy giving it more flavor and texture far from the usual bacon.



Big Bad Wolf’s Chili Wings

there take on the classic buffalo wings.  The spice will definitely take your attention but the side cream dip (also made from carabao’s milk, added with herbs) will help you finish the wings served.  Served with a local salad on the side.  The spice is from our very own siling labuyo.




light drink with basi as based and some of his concocted syrups, giving it a kick but maintaining a light buzz.  The orange and cucumber that tops it gives additional refreshing effect making it a delightful drink during the middle of the day.



Located at the 2nd level at Uptown, BGC, this place offers you comfort food with a light but delightful twist.  The name gorda is Spanish in origination meaning fat lady ( from the verbo gordar meaning to be big or fat)  and it is in honor of their mother.  The food served are with Spanish-Mexican influence which we are familiar with but given added push in terms of flavor level.  This resto-pub/bar is open every Monday and Tuesday from 11:00 AM till 2:00AM and from Wednesday till Saturday up to 3:00AM.


Two-Way Nachos

they have two types of nachos varying in color and served with cheese, tomatoes, ground meat and jalapenos.  Each layer of nachos has ample serving of toppings making sure that each nacho piece is delectable.  The lemon that comes with it, gives it a different flavor taste that makes it far from the normal nachos in the market.



this is served like a pizza but the flavors are true to its name.  It is light, cheesy and with a bite due to the finely chopped spice that tops it along with the cheese sauce.



Horchatta Morena

a rice based drink with Old Captain rum.  This drink is light, sweet and quite refreshing for a hot day.  The half of the rim of the glass is edged off with finely grinded rice and moscuvado sugar.   Served with burned cinnamon bark, the drink gives off a light earthy aroma mixing well with the rice flavor of the drink.


El Equador de Margarita

this drink is good for sharing. Served using a hallowed out watermelon, this alcohol concoction is refreshingly fruity with a kick.  The watermelon flavor slowly blends into the drink making it seems light without decreasing the alcohol level and effect.


 Green Pastures

The first organic restaurant in the city, this themed restaurant caters to those who wanted to have healthy food served in a delicious manner.  The serving is big enough to be shared thus family and groups come here to enjoy their food offerings.  Open every day from 8:00AM – 10:00PM, the place has both indoor and outside seating.

17795964_10212829835051212_8810007162435627826_n (1).jpg

Carbonara with Goat meat

the lightest meat pasta in the market! The sauce is light in cream and the goat meat was handled well making it delicate and delightful to the palate.


Honey comb with Lemon Curd

this dessert treat is a creation by Chef Kalel for Green Pasture and was hailed as the best dessert in the industry last 2014.  The sweetness coming from the comb is balanced off with the light tartness from the curd giving it balance and contrast in texture.



Combination of Lambanog, Barik and cucumber with rosemary, wow this one is actually a good kicker. It has a pretty strong kick but a refreshing taste.