Boracay PubCrawl : A must do!


Beach. Bods. Booze. Nights of shindig in the beautiful island of Boracay, Philippines!

Monday / Wednesday / Friday and Saturday nights are never dull in the finest shore in the country! For the first 30 ladies to register for the day, all you need is 690 php and for the first 20 jocks, 790 php, you will have access to 5 party hubs and 10 shots total! It also comes along with a shirt, a baller and your very own shot glass with lace! You can also avail of local beers for only 50php and discounts to other drinks from every participating bars and clubs!



Once or twice a year, I go to Boracay to chill and unwind, but recently, I was with my colleague friends to celebrate a birthday of our fella and my dental metamorphosis lol.Just after dinner and my first bottle of beer, my dear friend Ice, a greenhorn in the beach, was so excited to sign up for Pub crawl. I honestly didn’t have an idea of what it was! LOL. Then when it was explained to me, I was really really really hesitant to jump in because I really don’t drink. But hey, I’m now SINGLE, in BORACAY and with the best buddies I know who can watch over me, a couple of antihistamines in my bag, WHY SAY NO?! lol


We set the day to be the night before we head back home, you know, just to give our last night a blast. hehe The gathering of the brave party goers started at 8:00 PM in the beach front of Pub Crawl. It was approximately 40 guys and gals roaring for a night of fun! the first short of Boracay Rum was served and some few rules were given. uhm I only remember…

Don’t drink using your left hand, if someone sees you he or she needs to scream “pub crawl!!!” and you need to finish your drink.. bottoms up. lol


“Release the CRACKERS!!” lol we then took off towards dmall to take a tricycle ride towards the next stop. (transportation included and with one organizer to accompany you). We approached a very familiar brand of hotel that made me smile. (Oh, my home in Naga)  Eurotel Hotel Boracay!


Another round of shots shoots the crowd! It was a videoke-sing-your-heart-out rave!!!  great start off for those who wish to showcase their singing prowess infront of a partying crowd!! Don’t be shy!! grab the mic!! they won’t mind if you’re out of tune because you are all here to PAAARRTTEEEHHH!!


whistle was blown and It’s time to hit the next hub! This time, its WAVE! a place where you can dance all night long!! and yeah, don’t forget, the drinks are still flowing! That is where I started to lose control haha and yeah, that is where they caught my friend using her left hand!! ahahaha PUB CRAWL!!!!! lol I was then introduced to some of the party goers by one of the captains (the ones wearing read shirts). they make sure that everyone is having fun and mingling with the others.



Fun beach front games with Boracay Rum shots came along our way as we go bar hopping!


There’s this game where you will be tied to 2 other participants and you need to know 3 things about them as you all walk to the next bar. I was connected to two girls and yeah, we had a list of things we have in common lol. We are all subscribed into the same network, we are all single and we love to travel (don’t forget, we are all girls lol).

We then reached one of the noted disco hub in Boracay, Epic bar. And as promised, party all the way! Even the guests of the clubs joined us while we all screamed and shouted, swayed our hips and raised our hands! rrraaavviissshhh lol


Saving one of the bests for the last! A very interesting party place awaited us. they call it the “Silent bar”.  Its by the beach, ADHD bar in front of Paradiso. We were asked to deposit our ID or any valuable for security purpose of the gadget they will lend.

BIG OMG! lol I’ve never been or seen any thing like that! everybody are dancing but the passerbys cannot hear the music mix of the DJ! we were wearing headphones!! lol yup! thats right! all the fellas are listening to the same track while dancing! I LOVE IT ALOT!!


I love orange! and yeah i think the DJ is cute :p

The entire bar hop and shindig ended around an hour past midnight. After the music faded, you can return the headphone and redeem your stuff. its safe. dont worry. 🙂  Some of the Pubcrawlers still stayed and had a chat with the others they met.


Over all, Pubcrawl is a 4 thumbs up for me! It fun, exciting, and everything that boracay promises. THIS IS A MUST when you visit the Island. and as they promised, you can turn strangers into friends! This is one thing ill do every time i go there!!

Special thanks to all the coordinator and facilitators of this event.








and yeah, don’t ask me if i did enjoy. I had a blast and you are the epitome of the saying..

It’s more Fun in Boracay.

It’s more Fun in the Philippines!


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