“A professional eater” – Anthony bourdain ( no reservations )

Maybe that’s what I am. If there’s such a profession.

I love to eat and travel. I’m also into photography, reading and other activities. Oh well, basically, I’m an all around Jack. You can tag me along into a buffet feast or beach night out. I’m sometimes at home with my furbaby icy reading a book or watching over a camp in a mountain. I cook using my rice cooker and I make my versions of fridge cakes. I dance, watch tv and talk alot.

As a Foodie, I’m off limits to seafood (yeah i know,my life such a bore not enjoying Crustaceans et al.) because I’m allergic to it. I tried to mentally manipulate the physical reactions but I always end up in an ER. I love beef and veggies and sweets! Also off to livers, bitter gourd, okra etc. Bottomline.. I’m a picky foodie. That’s why I make sure that when I write about my gastronomical experience, it’s way over the top and it’s worthy to be included in my page.

As a Traveler, I love the beach. Another weird fact. I can’t swim. I just love being able to soak myself into natures waters and pamper my nosebuds with its fresh breeze. I hike, I trek and I climb mountains. I also have my ergos, i have the worse vertigo. Bottomline… I;m a choosy traveler. My site is exclusive to adventures and places that gives nirvana to my very busy and tired professional mortal body.

As a Blogger… I write anything I’d like to write. I’m not good in writing to be honest. I have my flaws in spelling (but i have google to help me) and grammar so justincase you find something wrong, feel free to send me a message. I want to share the photos, stories and experience I had (and will have) to everyone who will appreciate my piece.I write what I personally think is cool and I write what I personally think is hot.

I’m a crazy blogger! Always fasten your brains seat belt when your reading my posts!

Thanks for droppin by!


Contact me:

Twitter / Instagram: @firenfrost

Email: firenfrost24@gmail.com


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