Flames of Summer 2017 just Flared and what other thing I love doing alongside my travelling? EAT. Just recently, I was invited to join some of my cool road tripping friends to Pangasinan  Food Crawl. A little untimely, I solely braised the almost 6 to 7 hours bus ride form Cubao. It’s actually my first time to go to Pangasinan on my own but luckily I was guided properly by Ate Jinkee and our host Vanj.


Arrived a few minutes past lunch time on their 2nd day, I had a quick roam of the places near Victory Liner bus terminal. It was pretty hot I must say but good thing the ride came and took me to where the they rest of the crawlers are. Unfortunately, since I arrived LATE. I was only able to experience the last 3 participating food hubs.


Elianas Resto Grill and Ihaw was the 1st one I tried. Their chef mentioned that most of their ingredients are local produce and mainly grown in the vastness of their town.

Adobong Itik

Cooked in a non-typical adobo ish way, it tasted a little close to Caldereta. The sauce complimented the texture of the meat and it is actually delicious. This also launched my little confusion… what’s the English of “Itik”? lol they say it’s duck but what about “pato”? lol.


Tinolang Native Chicken

Tinola is actually one of the traditional dish by the Philippines and some say it’s healthy since it has malunggay, ginger and other elements that increases our immune system. They used native chicken also grown in the northern area and the distinctive proof that it is a genuine one, the feet is dark and it tastes better than the typical grocery chicken we buy.


Papaitang Kambing

Best seller as they say in this restaurant, we were able to taste and know why. The bitterness of the papaitain in this side is subtler and the goat meat was also tasty. The broth was actually satisfying.


Bangus Sisig

The owner actually mentioned it’s also one of their best sellers as most of their guest who drop by for some drinks order this dish to accompany their gulps.


Pigar Pigar

Signature dish of the Pangasinan. It’s beef strips that are deep friend and mixed with vegetables. This is, I liked a lot. The meat was cooked just perfectly and the taste was extravagant.


Bilao Sampler

Grilled Fish, Pork, Shrimp, Tomatoes, green mangoes, eggplant, squid and shrimp paste. All in one big bang!


Halo Halo

To cap off the heat of the afternoon, we were served with my favourite dessert!


Eliana’s is spacious and they have ample parking space for their guests. They also offer cocktails and drinks for those who wants to have great night out.



There’s also a live band performing on selected days of the week. They can easily be located because they’re just along the highway.


Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant

Located just across the 100-island wharf, you won’t get lost in looking for this restaurant. They offered us their best sellers which is an array of seafood. They have they cooked in various ways and by the looks of it, the team liked it.

Jam’s Food Haus


This home cooked food hub is one of the quick served meals in Alaminos town food court.  We were served with the owners very own experimental dish, Daing na bangus (fried dried milkfish) with mango sauce and the famous Alaminos Longanissa (sausage) with vegetables. They offer affordable food and served as you order.



Pangasinan Food Crawl aims to promote the local food business in their town and they also showcased how each participating brands innovate with their own dishes. Pinoy gastronomic ingenuity at its finest in the great northern suburbs of Luzon.

food crawl logo.png

more photos


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