Lilac Street invasion aint over! Just when I thought my tummy is already full, it suddenly rumbled for something heavy. “growl.. growl.. growl.. I want rice”. lol So along the highway of the famous street, one restaurant caught my eyes with its interesting exterior.


Milieu Urban comfort food restaurant gave us the ambiance that none of the restaurants I’ve seen in the area. I really liked the vintage stuff displayed all around.

Having that sort of unfinished and rustic theme, it invited me over to try their menu. I checked the list and oh my g, there’s a lot to chose from.

Being a sinigang fanatic, I immediately ordered their sinigang. But oh, a twist, it’s corned beef. very very interesting. It have all the basic ingredients of sinigang but it tastes so delicious. Just enough sourness and the vegetables are cooked so right.


Baby back drooler say present! ahem lol, We also ordered their version and gave it a try. The sauce of it goes to its bones and it’s easy to devour all the meat because it was perfectly cooked. It actually have a corn cob siding that has seafood dusk thingies fyi. Having that said, which I didnt know at first, gave me the allergic hitch. Good thing the friendly and very very very nice ladies of Milieu came to help me ease the pains and gave me first aid spoon of love.



To push the dish to our tummy, we tried their coolers and oh wow, yum!



Food / Drinks : 8 Spoons

The variety of food in the restaurant is very cohesive. Majority are all comfort food and the taste, presentation are enticing.

Location: 8 Spoons

Since they are located along the high way you can easily find this mecca. They also have enough parking space but by the looks of it, you need to come in early to get a slot.

Price: 8 Spoons

With the taste bud experience I had with the dishes I tried? Reasonably priced.

Employees: 9 Spoons

Those two lovely ladies were simply accommodating. Though I asked alot of questions, they were able to provide all the things i need to know in their restaurant. Plus they were very helpful and warm. Like friends their smiles are simply contagious.

Overall: 8 Spoons

The place is clean and the food is great. It’s highly recommended as well for big groups and even for lovely couples date or just a barkada dine out.


“Experience comfort food as imagined by Chef Law Bautista and Chef Mark Vicencio. Located at Marikina City’s food capital, Lilac street.”

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MilieuMarikina/

70 Lilac Street, SSS Village, Concepcion Dos
Marikina City

+63 2 397 4120




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