Food trippin aint gonna be complete without somethin to drink! Munch per munch but we need something to gulp too lol. It’s been a great start for my Lilac street food adventure, with all the food and all the walking, I craved for something a little sweet and cold to drink. We passed by one of the recommended places in the alley. Udderly delicious.


There’s nothing much to say about this place as we only tried a couple of their drinks.They have a variety of flavours and mixins that will satisfy your thirst.

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The area might be a little too tight and a little off the modern but there are people who stop by to grab a gulp and cool their day / night with. Aside from their milshakes, they also sell cakes.



Food / Drinks: 7 Spoons

There’s nothing really outstanding with the taste and texture of the smoothy. It’s just an average smooth cold drink.

Location: 7 Spoons

They’re located along the highway but you need to be keen in looking for their signage because there are other establishments in the area.

Price: 8 Spoons

With the taste and the texture, the price is fairly reasonable.

Employees: 6 Spoons

Seems like the guys we ordered our drinks from are way busy with their own thing, our orders weren’t served in time and when asked for their best sellers, seems like they need to know their products better.

Overall: 7 Spoons

Uhm just a spotted smoothie booth along Lilac street.




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