Some clock ticks and I’ll be home Manila! Just a few hours before my flight and after that fab Cebu City trip with Chanel, It’s time to finally meet another blogger sister from Cebu! Gay!! yup. That’s her name and she’s a girl and yeah I am the “gay” one so don’t get confused. lol. We all decided in our Facebook group chat to maximize the Cebu lechon to fullest and have another experience before I fly back home. With all my pasalubongs and stuff, Chanel and I arrived first and immediately noticed the display of Lechons in their “viewing area”. It’s like looking at babies in a nursery where you can only see them behind a glass but this time, you can order what you wanted. As Chanel and I entered, I was intimidated by the eclectic interiors of the resto. It was “finely” lit and I can say it’s a block buster food hub.


There are photo frames in the staircase where the owner share some memories with some of their clients both famous and no so. I love the stairs by the way, it has tiles that looks so uhm.. I think, greek ish. That bottle of I think is a spicy lechon sauce looks yummy though.

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Gay arrived just before I finish my rounds of the area. And of course, we ordered the famous lechon and we added a chicken broth dish. So yeah, It was like a girls night out and Tita’s of Cebu meet the Tita of Makati scene. It wasn’t really that long until our order arrived.

Strike the spoon while the soup is hot! I dunked in to the chicken broth soup we ordered and… uhm.. for me, it was.. uhm.. it might be appreciated by other taste buds. It was like, uhm boiled chicken. As the name it self, its Chicken broth. so there.

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Like what I mentioned to my previous post, I’m not a fan of Lechon but when I tried ny first Cebu lechon, I eventually had an idea on how it taste like. We ordered the spicy one. As expected there’s chili as they say so. yeah. when I tried it, my lechon impression went back. Slabby fatty roasted pork. When we digged in, we asked them to re cook it as for me, it seems like a little medium rare which I prefer well done. Then the platter came back and it was just hot. It still look the same for me.


As a consumer, paying customer and a tourist in their area, I would certainly appreciate if the manager didn’t insisted once, twice, thrice that the red marks I’m seeing is chili. I see Chili seeds. and I know the shade of spiciness in a meat. Again, I’m not a fan of medium rare and I’ve seen lechon from different parts of the country per se.



Food: 6 Spoons

My taste buds didn’t actually appreciate the lechon and the native chicken broth. perhaps there are other dishes I could try.
Location: 8 Spoons

Since it looks like near a high way and near the airpost, it looks like it is accessible.

Price: 6 Spoons

For me, there might be some dishes that might be worth the amount.

Employees: 4 Spoons

need not to say much.
Over all: 5 Spoons

I like the ambiance of the place though the food I tasted and the experience that I had with the staff. Again, based on my personal experience when I was there for the first time, it may vary on different scenarios, It wasn’t as pleasant as it could have been. Going back there? perhaps, just to try but not a priority.



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