Marikina City always had me curious since I learned that it became a food hub buzz. I most likely ask my friends form the area to bring me there but due to schedule conflicts and, yeah sometimes my laziness,(because its too far for me lol) I didn’t had a chance to take a food trip with them.

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Recently, a good fella invited me over to try out what’s in store in the famous Lilac Street Marikina. I was pretty excited when our schedules worked and we both can afford to pig out. Both coming from Makati, we took and Uber ride. We started early so we can try ask many food as we can.

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First Stop, as recommended by my dear friend Shobe, We tried Barney’s Burger. Me being a burger lover, i was very excited to have a bite. I ordered their best seller, the Fully – Loaded Burger.


It has a nice yummy bun, Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese, Bacon and a nice dressing. Oh forgot about the PATTY. It’s way bigger than the normal patty that we buy from local fast foods.


Oh my, the bread was yummy, the dressing is oozing and the PATTY. oh yeah that slab of meat is so divine!! no exaggeration but deymn, its juicy and beefy goodie. You can taste the real grilled “divineness” of the meat and the herbs inside it. oh just typing and remembering how it tastes like makes me drool.

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Honestly, at first I was disappointed with the size of the burger, I thought it was pretty small and just got some fries to make it look bigger. However, from 1st bite up to the last munch of the last piece of both burger and fries, Burp!! i wanted to end the food crawl and just stay there and wait for the fullness to subside and order another! Definitely a must try in Lilac Street Marikina.

My Verdict:

Food: 9 Spoons

It’s really delicious and yummy but I guess there’s something more they can do to make the presentation look better. Beef was well cooked and the harmony of the components of the dish I tried was really good.

Location: 9 Spoons

It’c located along the main street and they have decent parking space. You can easily find their store with their signs.

Price: 8 Spoons

Surely more pricey than the typical burger McDo or Yum Burger but hey hey hey its an artisan burger. It’s very affordable i believe and the price is reasonable for the experience.

Employees: 7 Spoons

Though the crew answered all my inquiries and stuff, there were times that they’re a little too occupied. understandable, we were there too early and they’re helping each other out open the store.

Overall: 8 spoons

The ambiance is really nice inside during our visit since there’s no other customer but us. But I can imagine the place to be a little crowded during their peak hours. Other than that, no complains on the quality and taste and price.It was awesome! hopefully next time i get back we can get a perfect 10!


Everyday from 12NN to 12MN

21 Unit B Lilac Street Concepcion Dos
Marikina City

How to get there?
Lilac Street Branch:
from Marikina Bayan or Cubao ride a jeepney or FX going to SSS Village then alight at Lilac Street

Gil Fernando Ave. Branch:
from Marikina Bayan ride a jeepney going Sta. Lucia then alight at Marikina East Centre Bldg. (In Front of Hapag ng Marikina)

from Marcos Hi-way ride a jeepney going montalban/san mateo then alight at Marikina East Centre Bldg.

Business Details
Parking:Parking: Car park
Serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks
Walk-ins welcome
Good for groups or parties
Good for children


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