Cebu trip will not be complete if you don’t try their Lechon. Yup! that’s right. My dear Cebuano friends and fellas who went to the Queen of the South always.. always.. always tell me. So in my recent solo trip, I made sure I will have a much of that roasted pork.


Quick research and of course my 2 chummy Cebu blogger friends Gay and Chanel took me to that gastronomical experience.

A few hours before lunch, My friend Chanel picked me up in the hotel I was staying in to get our feet started in our first ever meet up and city tour. I really really asked her to take me to the restaurant where Antony Bourdain had a taste of the Famous Cebu Lechon.. Zubu Chon!

Beep beep Jeepney ride and poof we arrived! And yeah, for me, It’s a wow place. Its modern and chic! It’s spacious and sunlit and it looks perfect for a group or even for a date. With no further ado, Chanel and I immediately ordered the famous Lechon! yey! While waiting for our order, we took a quick walk around the restaurant and I also went to the washroom. They don’t have their own lavatory inside the restaurant but there’s a shared fairly nice one just across the parking lot.

Cozy now in our table.. peanuts.. soy sauce . pickled papaya ( Atchara ) and the most awaited first encounter… Zubuchon’s Crispy Belly Letchon!! Oh the aroma.. ohh the smell of that roasted crunching sounding skin.. urgh.. yyuumm.. Just with that, can start eating rice! lol.

If you’ve seen the cooking master boy cartoon where there’s intense animation when they try to taste a food of a chef, that happened on the first bite. But lemme tell you this, Im not really a fan of pork lechon since I was a kid. I don’t like that slabby fatty feel of its meat. I didn’t know I’ll have a munch of it and will love it like a love song baby!


Just right saltiness and meatiness. Not too oily as I expected and the herbs and what ever their secret ingredient there, I don’t know what best word to use but it’s simply delicious. I will never ever look at a lechon like that again. It blend so well and the meat was so tender. It was juicy and rich and yeah.. uhm.. Chanel and I finished the whole order. ( I think we left a small slice or two and we shared it with someone who needs the food in the Church area ).

Can you imagine a person who doesn’t eat that, ate almost more than half of the plate?!! (oh yeah that’s me). It must be something. I cant use anymore words but I’ll highly recommend this restaurant when you go and visit the Queen City of the South, Cebu City Philippines. And oh yeah they are not, by any chance related to a known Korea Chicken resto. (Bon)


My verdict:

Food: 9 Spoons.

Like what I’ve mentioned earlier, I never liked Lechon that much but there’s a distinct taste and mouth aroma. The texture and the crunchiness of the skin is something to look forward to.

Location: 9 Spoons

Chanel and I didn’t had a hard time looking for the resto as it is located at the corner and there’s a big sign. There’s ample parking space outside but it’s shared so better be there early. 🙂

Price: 8 Spoons

For that taste and experience, for me, it’s reasonably priced.

Employees: 8 Spoons

They’re very accommodating though when I went upstairs to take some photos, There’s like a couple of managers who looks so busy. And I need not to say more. 🙂

Over all: 9 Spoons

Ambiance, staff and food taste plus we can easily get a cab outside makes me give them this rating. There’s nothing more to say but Zubuchon is experience that you should not miss. If you like food then you will also appreciate their “Finest roast pig ever” (as mentioned by my Idol Icon Anthony Bourdain).




Gen. Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City – (032) 2395697

    Escario Street, Cebu City –
    (032) 2540247

    The Walk, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City – (032) 2368256

    B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City
    (032) 2548823

    corner Airport Road and ML Quezon HIghway, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City – (032) 2661310

    Mactan Domestic Airport –
    (032) 5110005

    The Outlets, Pueblo Verde
    Lapu Lapu City, Mactan
    (032) 2321680

  • Phone number
    Head Office: 032-2365264 / 032-2547342
  • Email address

One thought on “Zubu Chon Cebu

  1. Wow, those lechon skins look crunchy! Yum! But why they don’t have their own lavatory inside? I mean how am I going to wash my hands???!! I need to go outside just to do that? Man…

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