Yup. That’s me. I was a chubby triple chin kid when I grew up lol. Living in a home where my Nanay cooks great dishes from breakfast till lunch plus my siblings who have their own food masterpieces, I get to enjoy yummy treats since I was a child. I believe it also enhanced my taste buds in deciphering a meal. One great contributor in our family feast is the finest chef I know… my sister in law, Ate Yeyeth. Reserving half of my tummy capacity every occasion where my Kuya Totie will bring some of their dishes has been my greatest talent lol.


They merged into the catering business for decades already and most of the dishes that she cooks are based on her experience. Her skills in knowing what tastes good and what looks best tops all the other business in the area.

She crafted dishes from vegetables to pork to beef to chicken to seafood and basically anything she finds fitted for the meal.



I’ve been lucky enough to see their metamorphosis and saw their clients and heard the feed backs and oh my gawd, I really have to say I’m very very very proud of my sister in law. Though they have reached a pillar in the industry, they both kept their feet on the ground and remained simple and humble. I have strong faith that it’s one of their secrets why highly calibre of clients keeps on doing business with them, aside from the fact that (let me qoute of of their famous clients) “the food tastes even better that the hotels I’ve tried”.


Menu, prices and services are very negotiable. All you needto do is give them a call and they will ask you for the details and you will have a no sweat catering business with them. Yeyeth and RG’s also offer a spectacular service from professional waiters to a spectacular event designs. Just tell them what you want or whats your dream event and for sure they will try their best to come up with a set up you will certainly love. They Offer services maily in Las Pinas Area, Cavite and nearby locations. You can also talk to Ate Yeyeth for suggestions and recommendations for what you have envisioned and I bet all my button dollars that you will be impressed on how they handle everything for you.

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Being a food blogger and enthusiast, I owe this talent to my Kuya Totie and my Ate Yeyeth for making me experience the great dishes I only see on television. the food and presentation are really outstanding. I guess i have no more words to use how I strongly / highly recommend Yeyeth and RG’s catering services. Even if we aren’t related I will surely tell you that every thing they do is magic.



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