Food, Art and music melted in one food hub. Great vibe filled our first evening in Naga City when me and 3 of the best online writers I know; Kara Santos (, Estan Conrad Cabigas ( and of course my BFF Christine Fernandez ( had our visit recently.

Famished from our great hike of Mt. Isarog (article), we had a quick shower from our home in Naga City (Eurotel Hotel Naga City), we had a quick stroll of the town and arrived in one of the famous restos in the centro. Bora Hut. The name Bora Hut was derived from the famous beach in the Philippines, Boracay and a famous Pizza parlor world wide, Pizza Hut. As told by our host for the night. The owner loved the white shores and just combined two of the great things he liked when he raised this restaurant.


wall art welcomed us and series of nipa huts and beach feel filled the atmosphere. There were some decorations and sand areas that fills up the mood.



Fresh grilled squid and baked muscles were served to…. my friends lol (as you know I’m allergic to seafood so they had all my share lol). Good thing they have my 2 favourite dishes. Sisig and crispy kangkong! yum yum yum and love love love! we we also tried their fried chicken and it was good!


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The place is great for dinner and drinking sessions with your travel buddies! the price is very reasonable and the ambiance is just right for a group who’d like to have a great time at night and even for solo peeps who just wish to chill and unwind after a long day. They also offer breakfast / lunch and dinner and also have catering and delivery services.


Bora Hut

is located at Imperial Street, Dayangdang, 4400 Naga City.

Business hours:

Mon – Sat: 07:00 – 02:00
Sun: 16:00 – 02:00

Facebook page:

For more details a about Bicol region / Naga city; you may contact Naga Excursions thru their website and facebook page!



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