Naga City is known for it’s great views of the mountains near by and the assortment of perception from the places around it. Recently, I was able to visit the place for the first time with great blogger friends Christine ( Kara ( and Estan (


Itinerary was printed and I studied the places written there. But as a traveler and a foodie, there’s something beyond the list I’m looking forward to, taste what Naga has to offer. Yup! that’s right, every time I go out of town, i try my best to look for the distinct cuisine that will best represent the place (well, if its seafood, ill just take some photos hehe).


On our bus ride, I got a Facebook comment from one of my dear friends who apparently from Naga. She said i must try the “toasted siopao”, i was like… whut?! siopao? toasted? really? how come? Ansabe? So, with my taste buds curiosity, it’s already mapped when we arrived. Luckily, Kara is from the City and she bought us some of that famous bun on our early trip to the first Mt. Isarog Eco Endurance Challenge. At first, I thought it was just a ball of bread for a tummy fill. That first bite, oh wow, the texture and the consistency of wasn’t really what I expected! it was yummy and sweet and salty and the first word that came to my mind was.. “nice”. It tastes so good and as I munch the innocent little one, it tastes like siopao but it feels so different! for less than 10 php, You can bring some home and re heat them, It’s good with coffee or hot coco! and dont worry about the expiration date, when kept properly, it’s still good for a week 🙂


Naga trip will not be complete without a sip of Kinalas. It’s already like a trade mark dish of the City. It’s Naguenos favourite food when its raining or for breakfast. for less than 30 php per bowl, you can enjoy a hot hunger quencher. When I researched about this, i was a little hesitant to try because of the ingredients and the idea of having vinegar as a condiment for a Mami. Since it’s not sea food, i had no excuse but to try it… OMG! its good! really good and yeah, again my expectations failed me big time! It has this distinct taste and texture but the consistency is almost similar to Lomi. And yes, I also tried the vinegar dip they prepared for us that added the bicolano spicy kick. According to our local friends, the best spot for Kinalas food trippin is Cha Ceds Kinalas sa Balatas.



Egg or without egg, I certainly agree with everyone in Naga that this dish is something you can easily fall inlove with and have at least twice or thrice a week.


Kinalas and Toasted siopao, a definite must try when you visit Naga. After tasting them, I can certainly say, YES! I’ve been in Naga and I’ve tasted the best there is in the area.


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5 thoughts on “Naga Food Must try! Kinalas and Toasted Siopao

  1. Hm… Mukang interesting ang toasted siopao. Taga-Albay ang misis ko at hindi ko ito naririnig sa kanya. Aon sa kanya, magkakaiba raw sila ng mga pagkain at meron silang iba’t ibang dialect kahit na pare-pareho silang nasa Bicol region. Mukang dapat masubukan ito.

    1. Hi Jerome oo marami silang dialect din kase ung mga provinces nila mgkakalapit lng tpos parang tagalog may area na may malalalim na taglog hehe uu msarap nga ung siopao pwde ka pang magtake home ehehe baka napapak mo pa sa byahe lol tc and God Bless!

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