Viber is a very useful app for friends to get in touch with. It was just a week ago when my best chum Kai told us about this new burger hub just near our office. Unfortunately, 2 of our fellas aren’t available so It was just me, my pal and 2 of Kai’s colleagues who went there. By the way, my close friends know how I love burgers and It’s my comfort food when I’m distressed or in a really really bad phase. So when I tweet #INeedABurger or #BurgerMomentNeeded, I get sms / messages and even calls because they know its something crucial lol.


Burgery; The Bad Boys of Burger is located in Tuscanny Upper Mckinley Hill Taguig, just a few walks from Piazza and Intellectual Property Center and you can easily spot it with their artistic logo displayed infront.


Menu is a like a page of a broadsheet that means you have a list of options to choose from.


The 3 ordered The Machine Gun Executioner and the non burger serving in our table was the Chicken Parmigiana.Based from the photos on our research, the burger looks big and the patty looks thick, and when the order came, it really wasn’t the size we were expecting. Quite smaller than Mc Donalds’ Big Mac 😦


Machine Gun ( 178 Php )

1/3 lb Burger. bacon, lettuce, tomato, sauteed button mushroom and cheese


Fat Tony ( 158 Php )

1/3 lb Burger, onion relish, lettuce, tomato, bacon and cheese.


Chicken Parmigiana (198 php )

2 pcs crispy chicken fillets, marinated sauce, side salad and herbed rice


Since I love spicy food, I picked Escobar. The burgers were served with a few fries which are fried nice. The patty blended in cheese and jalapenos were good but the burger bun is quite big for me.


1/3 lb burger patty, Jalapeno salsa, spiced mayo and nacho cheese sauce


Drinks and fries is extra, additional 65 php for medium brewed ice tea or 75 php to make it larger. 75 php for medium brewed iced tea and potato wedges and 85 php to make it large. They also have reasonable priced drinks and beverages available.


Overall the food were just fine and I just liked the boldness of the ambiance and feel of the restaurant.


The Burgery

The Bad Boys of Burger



231 C. Aguirre Ave. BF Home Paranaque


 Twitter @theburgery

Facebook page


*Disclaimer: Unfortunately this store is no longer in Tuscanny Mckinley Hill*

  • Update: July 07, 2016. I was able to locate one of their stores in Circuit Mall Makati.

2 thoughts on “The Burgery ; The Bad Boys of Burger

  1. I haven’t been to other branches but I’m never going back to this branch or to this whole chain even. To be fair, they just recently opened and might be on a post soft-opening stage but their service was extremely disappointing. Our office is at McKinley and our group (around 7) went here for dinner. It took them almost an hour to serve our food and after numerous reminders, the last being a very irate one already. Note that our order was not completely served either, it took them around 30 minutes more to complete it as they made several mistakes on what we ordered. Even the water we requested for was delayed for around 45 minutes. It’s just ice and water, do you need 45 minutes to prepare that?

    The worst part, it did not end there! One of our burgers had a WORM in it!! I was about to take a bite into my burger and lo and behold, I spot a WORM! They did not even handle this incident appropriately! Their manager never came to talk nor did we get a sincere apology. They saw how we lost our appetite and were not even able to finish our food. Did they offer to cut our bill a little because of the leftover food; NO! They tried to give me a free burger which I just declined. Oh and as a closing note, they tried to charge me for the burger I did not even touch! YES, it was in the bill! We paid for everything except for the burger and just walked out.

    This simply is the worst burger shop I have ever been to.

    1. Hi Enzo, yikes! That doesnt sound good. Well i guess they’re still adjusting but man, its just not so right. I dont actually know who the owner is but they need to know. Otherwise the experience and the food quality will bring them down

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