I once visited a known cafe in Makati just to have a cup of coffee after a long day at work. I saw this red cake with white icing in their display and I initially thought it was a strawberry short cake; when it was my turn to place in my order i looked closer at the name of that deliciously looking slice, it says “red velvet”. So to prevent my self from embarrassment of not knowing, i ordered my coffee and just pointed the cake. I went back to my table, opened my laptop and comfortable sat on their nice comfy couch. “Rich strawberry-ish yummy cake” that’s what my mind was whispering in my head when I was about to take my first bite. And yeah. At first i was disappointed not tasting the red berry but as i ate the slice, uhm…. it was not bad at all. I did like the texture and i did like the “tease-me” red colour. Since then, i became fond of having red velvet as part of my dessert (if available) but tasting hotels, restaurants and patisseries different versions, i came up with no specific standard on what red velvet really taste like. But I’m sure about one thing, it has this distinct texture in my mouth. (Long pause… think of a word to use… eerrrnnkk! failed!) Yeah, can’t think of any sentence to express my taste buds reaction.


Red Velvet Cupcake is actually one of the best sellers of Little Jose’s Kitchen. When I saw Joy Acosta’s version… wow. Can I eat those golden teeny tiny balls on top or should i remove it and go immediately to a lhuillier? Uhm, good thing i tasted it. It’s edible. It’s not accepted in any pawnshop in the world.


The icing on top is definitely delicious and when you take a bite, when you allowed the frosting to blend with the cake. Oh my. You need to close your eyes, take a deep breath and say uuuhhhmmmmm…yummy…i wwhhaannttt ssoooohhhmmmeee mmhhoooorreeee… and poof! The rest of the piece is history in your belly.


I suggest that you can have a serving of these cupcakes on your kids’ birthday party because for sure they’ll like it! If you have any friend who will celebrate her 18th birthday and the motif is red and gold or even red and white, you can tell her planner to have these cupcakes displayed in the dessert area.


Bridal shower or even stag party; baby shower or even anniversary, it’s one sweet deli you and your family will love all year round.

Made by ONLY THE FINEST ingredients and baked by a fashionable mum, the cakes i tasted have the finest flavours and eclectic textures.


Planning a party? Little Jose’s Kitchen offers Table party packages featuring a combination of delectable round cakes, pastries, cookies, and much more!

Note: All prices in our standard price guide reflect pick up orders only. Delivery may be additional.

If you have a special request please contact us for price quotes, schedule taste test and more details.


mobile: 09173506810



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