Bananas are usually one of the fruits in a chocolate fondue bar along side with sweet desserts like dulce de leche and cupcakes. We’ll Little Jose’s Kitchen rolled all them all in to one delicious cupcake!






Just last week, my dear friend blog-guru Christine of arrived in the office with these concoctions from the baker-entrepreneur-diva Joy Acosta. We did share a couple of cupcakes to our colleagues and i shared some to my partner and his friends. I have to say majority of the taste buds agreed that it’s a very delicious dessert!


It has a yummy chocolate blanket on top with Choco sprinkles and some have chocolate coins and kit kat too that makes it more enticing in your eyes.


My first bite of it…unexplainable. Yum yum yum multiplied to a hundred! It has a creamy dulce de leche layer inside and surprisingly it taste so banana-ish!


It’s a very chunky, chocolate-divine, OMG-so-delicious cupcake! The chocolates, dulce de leche and bananas textures galloped in my mouth. They complimented each other in a very oh so i-want-some-more way. I never liked bananas and chocolates as mush as this before. Lol


It’s a cupcake that men would like to devour because it has this bold taste that they would appreciate. Bring a box for a bachelor’s party!


Children of all ages will also enjoy this banana-ish chocolatey dessert! Whether if it’s for a kids birthday bash or even for office meetings, for sure, you gonna love it!

Banana Chocolate with Dulce de Leche Cupcakes is definitely one of the best sellers of Little Jose’s Kitchen. The taste is really sexy. And if you want a cake sized version, all you need to do is let Joy know and she will be glad to discuss your plans.


Made by ONLY THE FINEST ingredients and baked by a fashionable mum, the cakes i tasted have the finest flavours and eclectic textures.


Planning a party? Little Jose’s Kitchen offers Table party packages featuring a combination of delectable round cakes, pastries, cookies, and much more!



Note: All prices in our standard price guide reflect pick up orders only. Delivery may be additional.

If you have a special request please contact us for price quotes, schedule taste test and more details.


mobile: 09173506810



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