Barely 10 years ago when you can still smoke in coffee shops inside a mall, one the first coffee shop i used to hang out at was Figaro in SM Manila. I just love the hot cafe latte while reading some Universal Testing Machine hand me down notes. Their shop in Shangri La was also my stop before heading to work in San Miguel Avenue.


I have been a fan of coffee since I dont know when and yeah, 3 cups of coffee a day completes my routine. I have tasted different brews from one part of the world to another, from instant 3 in 1 to Alamid Coffee blends. I have to say, Figaro’s coffee has always been one of my favourite place to have a hot cup on a rainy day or cooling down during summer with their smoothies. 

Luckily, they participated in the recent blogapalooza, an event for bloggers and business to meet half way and expand the netizens horizons of what’s new. I was thrilled when I was offered a cup of their freshly brewed coffee. Though it was a little warm inside due to the volume of attendees, hey, i have a dance competition later that day so i need that extra delicious cup of coffee! lol. Anyway, we were also treated with their new line of sweets specially made this season.


Red Velvet Cake – 115php / slice

Seasons Fruit Cake Bar – 65 php / pc

Mrs. Claus Muffkies (Vanilla) – 80 php / pc

Mr. Claus Muffkies (Chocolate) – 80 php / pc

They also have a couple of new drinks this sweet cold yuletide season!

Aloe Lychee Frost – 145 php


Mixed Berries Frost – 145 php

Aside from the tummy yummies, Figaro recommends some of their items as your gift treasures to your loved ones!

Premium Tumbler – 420 php

Notebook – 175 php

Magic mug – 209 php

Smoke mug – 199 php

(Smoke mugs doesnt mean you can smoke on it or its an ash tray, the design is just smoky ish)



I have to say, without being bias, the one that were free to taste… very very very very very yyaaaahhhmmeeeeeehhh!!!! nom nom nom nom nom!!!


The Snowfall Chewy Butterscotch.. oh wow, i love butter scotch and this one chewed my heart away! the marsh mallows are definitely the ones that gave the chewyness and the white chocolate topping was divinely deliciouso! the butterscotch at the bottom. whapak!


oh wow this dessert made my whole day. i promise, I came back for like 4 – 5 more pieces!!!!! it means, I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT, IIIIII LLLLIIIKKKEEEEE IIITTTT!! no words to compare how i loved the bold chocolate topping plus the minty tastes as you bite that mini ambrosia of Christmas treat they call Evergreen Chocolate Brownie Decadence!


I learned from their PR that Figaro also caters to events.If your activity needs to be else where, you can still make them a part of it; they can provide coffee and snack upto 150 people and as short as a 3 days notice.Figaro also offers packages for corporate functions. You can contact them at (02) 637-5969 or send them an email

As their business expands, they would also like to make you one of their partners. They now have franchising! for more details on how to be one of the finest Figaro business tycoons, you can call them at the same number as above or email them at


Figaro’s other social media hands:


Pinterest: figarocoffeehq

Twitter: @figarocoffeeHQ
Instagram: @figarocoffee

Thank you Figaro for a memorable encounter in Blogapalooza 2013!



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