Beauty pageants has always been one of most top rating TV specials here in the Philippines. Pinoy men loves seeing the parade of beauties (specially in their swim wears :p ) and women admires the long gown competition but hey! every major beauty contests are like the Super Bowl of Pinoy Bekies worldwide! (Filipino gay guys) uhmm… dont tell a lie, wag (don’t) mag deny!! AMININ!! (Guilty with no reasonable doubt! lol).



I was honored and blessed to have been invited by one of my blogger idol Cha Sy of Travel on shoestring (check out her fab blogs!) to have dinner with some of our fellow writers. I was clueless on where are we going to go or what are going to try until she sent the invite. BIG ERMERGERD!!!!! Dinner with some of Miss Earth 2013 candidates in Yoshinoya New Glorietta!! OK.. yeah.. had a little panic attack and kilograms of kilig  (shivers) !! I was like.. oh wow! bongga na itey!! (itzzz zzzooooo fierce!) Luckily, one of the finest food blogger i know, Stacy of was also there so I sat beside her and checked my camera. Like.. yeah.. total bummer and stupidity award giving body.. i forgot my SD Card (*standing ovation* *applause*). Anyway, while having a chat with the others, vision starts to sparkle as the batch of the lovely candidates entered the restaurant. i. was. in. nirvana. Unfortunately Miss Philippines was on a different batch so we werent able to meet her.


We were then asked to move to the table near the candidates and gave us the green light to take some photos. In my personal opinion, taking pictures while people are eating (in that kind of scenario) was a little unethical so we all took photos of the ladies before dinner was served and super duper uber thankful to Stacy for lending me her mobile and take some shots of the event.


After dinner, the candidates played a mini game. They were divided into 3 groups and each team must transfer all the marshmallows from a bowl to another one on the other end… using chopsticks. its was fun watching the ladies clip the marshmallow with a pair of sticks until the winner was announced, they we given Yoshinoya mugs as one of their prizes.



Then… out from the crowd came one the world renowned photographer.. my dear BIG SISTER.. Jory Rivera of OPMB Worldwide (who apparently arrived from Moscow after being the official photographer of OPMB in the recently concluded Miss Universe 2013) to take snapshots of the title hopefuls and of course, i know him so well, to support me as i embark in this blogging endeavor. (naks!)


(photo credit: Jory Rivera)

We also took the opportunity to get close with the girls, ask them some questions and photo ops! I have to admit, Ms Nepal’s personality shook the crowd as she was very enthusiastic that evening. She even danced with Miss India while tapping the chopsticks!



Glitters and stars are in my head as we cap off the night. I hope Yoshinoya will know how we appreciate the evening. 


(photo credit: Jory rivera)

Out of the ladies we’ve met in that batch, my top 10 will be;

Miss Belgium

Miss Guam

Miss Sweden

Miss Scotland


(photo credit: Jory rivera)

Miss Australia

Miss Nepal

Miss Spain

Miss France

Miss Venezuela


(photo credit: Jory rivera)


Miss China


(photo credit: Jory rivera)


amongst all the people that evening…

aside from the gorgeous candidates…

there’s also ONE person…







Thanks again Yoshinoya and to all the legit candidates… you are already a winner by helping our country and promoting a greener and healthier environment! Good luck and MABUHAY!!

more photos? click this link



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