“Playing Red Hot Hits!” One of my spiels when i was a Radio Jock. I was known for playing alternative songs and some tracks that fits my mood. I remember one time when I played a track from il divo, Regressa Mi ( Which became one of my all time favoutire songs), My market was divided with their opinion about the music i played. Some said they thought they were in a church, some didn’t like it but some appreciated the song.


Oliver Ian Atienza, one of the Managing Partner of MNL/D (Manila Digital) called 30 bloggers to write about a group of singers who will perform in No Other Bar and Lounge. I immediately signed up and got a spot. Honestly, I didnt know what to expect, i was also hesitant to go because I was a little tired from our dance rehearsal and its a little far off my comfort areas. But the urge to write for an event rushed. So right after hip hop, i rode a cab and hit metrowalk. Good thing Sir Ian called my name when i was supposed to go to a different direction lol.

We then walked right up the bar ( and restaurant review will be on a different post, *crossing fingers* lol) and there were few people sitting, with my gayness prowess, in a snap, i gained new friends!


While waiting for the other writers and for the artists to perform, we were free to grab some entrees in the bar area. We were also had a chance to see some videos of the group performing in different parts of the world.

Sir Ian then took the mic and welcomed all the guests that evening. We started off with a prayer for the victims of our country’s recently calamity which I appreciate a lot.


3 gorgeous looking men Paolo, Geroge and Louie then took the stage and introduced themselves as The Angelos.




They mentioned they’ve been performing internationally and they are known as the Asia’s version of IL DIVO. Then, with no further ado, they started singing. Oh my.. goosebumps on their first song. They do sound almost like il divo!! After a couple of melo modern songs, they also had their versions of hyped up party songs from Bruno Mars, One direction etc. the guests stood up and shook a little sumthin sumthin while they were groovin!  Whow, POP CLASSICAL MUSIC in my ears!! Ahhh..mmmaaayyyy..zzziinnn!!!!


The Angelos gave time to speak with the bloggers after the ravin. they were jovial as they answer the curiosity of their audience. They were asked how did they start, why “The Angelos” etc etc etc…


I took the chance to ask if they studied foreign language knowing that il divo sings mostly non english songs and I also asked them if they have their rendition of the track i liked. I was very pleased on how they enthusiastically said they had foreign language units and I blushed when the trio smiled and confidently said they will sing the song and dedicate it to me. EEEEEEE!! Total KM !! (like…. Kilig Moment) My knees got weak, my hair grew blonde and long from Ortigas to Baclaran with a 6 inch stiletto and flowy swarovzki white  gown .. aawwwww i feel like,,. uhm.. so.. uhm.. pretty as a rose!!! lol Sir Ian gave me a thumbs up after asking the question by the way. 🙂 and i wont forget…The jamming…. was awesome!



As we all enjoyed the night, achievements aside, they were humble and true to themselves the whole evening. They were honest and real in their own ways and watching them perform is definitely an experience i will never ever forget. Classical, Theatrical, Pop, OPM, Modern, even Christmas songs, they divinely delivered like the angels singing to entertain and give their audience a great time, they are gifted with an immaculate voice. Pinoy artists at its finest! a True pride of the Philippines.



For more photos, like my FB Page: Firenfrost and click this link! 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theangelosmusic/info

Twitter: www.twitter.com/theangelosmusic

Website http://theangelos.net

Press contact rosarioyu888@yahoo.com

Booking agent 09277368138/0922-898-8138

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