It’s been an office buzz for a few weeks now and one of my fellow IT Manager Richard keeps on asking us to sign up for a run on December. (He’s a convincing promoter by the way). Then, just today, I got an email saying I can feature this event in my blog! whoa!! how cool is that?!



We Run MNL 2013 aims to inspire, motivate and unite Filipinos to move more, move better.

In the spirit of unity, The Nike We Run MNL (Manila) has return for its 3rd edition “to inspire, motivate and connect runners around the world.”

“For this year’s race, we have incorporated the personality of the people of the Philippines to motivate and inspire them to lead a more active lifestyle. Filipinos are kindred spirits who, without hesitation, unite for a good cause and help each other. Taking this, we hope that every Filipino runner can inspire and motivate another and run the race together” says Courtney Cole-Faso, Country Marketing Manager, Nike Philippines.

             In line with their objective, runners are required to tag a long a buddy and have them acquainted with the world of Nike sprinters. For those who will experience their first 10k run, Nike+ Challenges can help you out!


more about Nike+ Challenges? click this link

Nike We Run MNL is part of Nike’s global We Run series which is aiming at celebrating, motivating and inspiring athletes from around the world.

The following are dates and locations for We Run 2013:

  • Prague, Czech Republic, August 31
  • Moscow, Russia, September 1
  • Budapest, Hungary, September 8
  • Belgrade, Serbia, September 15
  • Istanbul, Turkey, September 29
  • Warsaw, Poland, October 6
  • Athens, Greece, October 6
  • Johannesburg, South Africa, October 12
  • Tel Aviv, Israel, October 29
  • Singapore, November 3
  • Guadalajara, Mexico, November 3
  • Bogota, Colombia, November 10
  • Quito, Ecuador, November 10
  • Caracas, Venezuela, November 10
  • Algiers, Algeria, Nov 15
  • Lagos, Nigeria, November 16
  • Monterrey, Mexico, November 17
  • Seoul, Korea, November 17
  • Montevideo, Uruguay, November 23
  • Mexico City, Mexico, November 24
  • Rio, Brasil, November 24
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 30
  • Santiago, Chile, November 30
  • Manila, Philippines, December 1
  • Lima, Peru, December 7
  • Jakarta, Indonesia, December 15

This 10K event will leap on the 1st of December 2013, 4:00 PM and will rock the great City of Marikina. 1,700 php per team of two (850php per person). Registration started last October 25th via online and their participating stores:

1.       Nike Park Fort

2.       Nike Park Trinoma

3.       Nike Park MOA

4.       Nike Stadium ATC

5.       Nike Park Ermita

6.       Nike Stadium Shangri-la

7.       Nike Stadium Glorietta 2

8.       Nike Forum Greenhills

You may also register and find more details in their website or

visit this blog and click this link.

don’t forget the hashtags:

#justdoit #further




1476333_10152015076229450_159229930_n(photo courtesy of Ice Clemente / Shirt and loot bag of Richard Omana)


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