I and my colleagues-friends Irish Clemente (Powerful Tanggerra extraordinaire) and Jory Rivera (Diva photographer extraordinaire) went to a clinic in Makati for a dental appointment. But i don’t want to go into details what happened, lets just say we had a very “interesting experience” after. 

I’ve heard of a famous Indian restaurant and it was within the area. With no hesitations, my dear friends agreed to join me in a gastronomical quest. We passed a few kantos and spotted our destination along Rada Street.



We were the only guests that time and sad to say, it was hot inside. We just asked a lady if they can turn on an electric fan for us. We sat and wandered our eyes a little. It’s not a high end restaurant, it’s like a typical carinderia set up with some Indian decors and of course Indian back ground music. 







We were given the menu and poof! There are too many options. We actually asked the attendant but… Nah… a little too disappointing. Jory suggested Palak Paneer and Dhaniawala Gosht (Goat curry), and naan. It took a few minutes before the orders arrived and gave me ample time to take a few snap shots of the store. We also noticed some of their certificates and recognitions.




munch time!


Palak Paneer (140php)

 Looks like a green thick soup. A little spicy that i liked plus it has a few pieces of diced cheese that complimented the texture. I know it was made from spinach so it’s healthy! Double like! Its veggies!


Dhaniawala Gosht (200 php)

Was an awesome curry dish! We loved it! We even want to ask the cook to bring out the pan they used to cook it so we can wipe the excess sauces with our naans.One naan isn’t enough so we ordered Rotis as we finish our dishes.


Plain naan (35ph/pc)

Roti (10php/pc)

The whole afternoon was full of great conversation and I’m looking forward for more cuisine discoveries with my closest friends.

My verdict

Food: 9 spoons

Vegetables + Spicy = me like! Based on the dishes i tried, the spices tasted so authentic (well compared to the generic ones we buy here in the Philippines, what else I could expect from an Indian resto lol). They also offer a variety of meat cuisines to choose from. 

Location: 7 spoons

Though i just live nearby and jog along the area, it took me a while to locate them. If you’ll be coming from Legazpi Park, it’s just a few walks away. Along Rada street, it’s on the right side just be keen in looking 🙂

Price: 7 spoons

It was a little too pricy but if you really want to have a taste of home made Indian food, every penny will be worth it.

Employees: 5

The lady who attended us, uhm she needs more training. I guess Indian employees will be a great plus if they will be the ones who will serve their guests. In our case we are not really exposed with their food so it will be nice to ask someone who is really familiar and knowledgeable.

i’m still looking forward to taste more of what they can offer. for sure this wont be the last time i will write about them.

Swagat Indian Cuisine_

119 FCC Building, Rada Street, Legaspi Village,

Makati City, Philippines

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swagatmakati


18 thoughts on “Swagat Indian Cuisine

      1. Spicy / Vegetables / Beef mainly.i love desserts! I know i’m missing half of my life but im allergic to sea food and alcoholic beverages 😦

      2. Then you should try mughlai food atleast once, you’ll definitely like that also if you like rice then Biryani is a must.Indian food is full of variations because of diversity.

    1. Hi Jazmine! omg girl its so yummy! i suggest you try roti kase mas mura cya compared sa naan. ung parking, uhm there are spaces nearby naman where you can park. this may sound wierd lol you can park near the park lol hnd ko lang po alam yung rates nila.

  1. Though a little late for the reply, I would agree that the front of house should be knowledgeable with the menu at the very least since they’ll be the one to sell the resto’s dishes anyway.

    But looking at the food and prices, it’s relatively cheap (I’m comparing it to New Bombay though…)

    This is quite an informative review!!

    1. Thanks so much Saidi. And yeah just like our previous fella mentioned it priced reasonably and og the spices just bursts like its a million dollar meal lol. Thanks for the comment I really appreciate it. 🙂

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