I remember when I was a kid; Nanay brought home a box of Black Forest cake after work. The next day, she got surprised when she saw the cherry-less dessert. (Culprit: –à me J ). Nanay was kind enough to give a slice after our meal and that was the first time I had a “favourite cake.


Little Jose’s Kitchen glamour-mum-baker Joy Acosta made her version of this yummy concoction … in cupcakes! You can still taste the boldness of a black forest cake in every bite. Not to mention, the very delicate taste of the delicious frosting envelops the bitter-sweet thang of chocolates! And as the saying goes, if there’s one good thing over another… “There’s a cherry on top”. UHMMM Yum yum yum!


These Black Forest cupcakes are great for corporate galas and also for weddings. Adults can also enjoy these sweet cravings and guess what, once you have confirmed that your guests passed the PG MTRCB guidelines, you can ask for an additional kick of rum or brandy!


Made by ONLY THE FINEST ingredients and baked by a fashionable mum, the cakes i tasted have the finest flavours and eclectic textures.


Planning a party? Little Jose’s Kitchen offers Table party packages featuring a combination of delectable round cakes, pastries, cookies, and much more!

Note: All prices in our standard price guide reflect pick up orders only. Delivery may be additional.If you have a special request please contact us for price quotes, schedule taste test and more details.



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