ImageI’ve always been a fan of carrot cakes and i have tried many versions; from mainstream patisseries to luxury hotels slices. With no exaggeration or what nots, LJK carrot pineapple (with walnuts and raisins) cup cake top them all. The healthy carrots are well blended with the fibre riched pineapples and well topped by a very delicious frosting ! I love the texture of the cup of heaven. It’s moderately sweet and very smooth to munch. yummy to the nth level! You’ll love, love love love it and your taste buds will ask for more more more ehehe.


A carrot contains vitamins and minerals good for your eye sight and pineapples have fibre that helps your digestions. But I’m not Kuya Kim to give you trivia I’m just saying it’s pretty healthy. Your kids won’t even notice they’re eating veggies, a Trick and Treat available all year round!


Made by ONLY THE FINEST ingredients and baked by a fashionable mum, the cakes i tasted has the finest flavours and eclectic textures.


Planning a party? Little Jose’s Kitchen offers Table party packages featuring a combination of delectable round cakes, pastries, cookies, and much more!

Note: All prices in our standard price guide reflect pick up orders only. Delivery may be additional.

If you have a special request please contact us for price quotes, schedule taste test and more details.
mobile: 0915.273.1111


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