Bonjour! Another food hub found in the heart of Makati Ave! It’s been a couple of weeks since Tin and I had our after work routine. Eating. Just this afternoon a few minutes after 3, I bumped in to her in the locker area and asked if we will be getting a cup of coffee before going home. I was in dire need of a friend to talk to and good thing, she was still around. A very busy woman she is, she was bound to Makati to meet her friend and had a few minutes to spare for a quick chat. We were actually heading to my comfort zone (a burger bar in A Venue) when the traffic jam gave Tin a chance to mention a resto that she tried after her morning jog.

I “still” don’t have enough photos to show but I’ll describe Paris, Delice in the best way i can.  :). The French fast food restaurant is quite “petite” and landmark or signage isn’t too prominent versus the drugstore and another famous Pinoy fast-food chain nearby. Though they have a miniature Eiffel Tower outside, i didn’t notice it till Tin told me.


The view of the Paris Delice from the outside already gave a sophisticated yet comfortable feel so my inner child galloped as we enter the hub. OMG, 99.9 percent of the customers are foreigners! (0.01 is me and Tin lol). 


I love the feel of the interior, there are frames of Champs Elysees and some Parisian landmarks were mounted in the walls. Though the counter reminded me of a well known coffee shop, it still gave me a spacious view even if analytically, the sq. feet of the entire store  is a bit smaller.


I was fascinated on how the foods are displayed. Majority of their products are good to go. It was my first time to see pasta dishes in a plastic cup! It looks so delicious and the salad looks enticing too! I WANT TO TRY THEM ALL!!! lol






Due to time consideration, Tin and I settled  or their “Express Breakfast” ( a choice of 1 pastry; Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat or Half Baguette served with butter and jam + a cup of hot drink that you like from their list ). We both chose pain au chocolate while Tin picked brewed coffee and Cafe Latte for me. 


I love the taste and texture of the pastry. It’s like a croissant bun with bits of imported dark chocolates! It’s so yummy! The chocolates melts and it blends well with the bread as you munch a long till the last bite!


The cafe latte is foamy and smooth. It has a little “kick” but it’s all fine. Though it’s a very hot afternoon, i enjoyed that hot cup of latte till the very last drop.

Tin’s friend came and alas!  I found a new yosi buddy! They actually do have few tables outside so you can enjoy your cup of coffee while smoking.

Food; 8 spoons

IF we’re just going to base on the ones that i tried, i was fairly satisfied. I need to try their other food soon!

Location: 8 spoons

It’s pretty accessible since it’s just along the highway but you have to be keen in looking for it.

Price: 9 spoons

With the taste of the food and the ambiance. I say it’s VERY AFFORDABLE!

Employees; 9 spoons

The barista gave me a run through of my options and also he knows what they are selling. The staff was knowledgeable of the patisseries they offer.

Overall, i was satisfied with the experience and hopefully i will be writing more about Paris Delice! Merci Beacoup!


Paris Déliceélice

1 Juno Street, corner Makati Avenue
1209 Makati City – Metro Manila

Phone:+(632) 798 0740
FAX:+(632) 421 0162



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