Ma-Ling is the most famous brand of canned luncheon meat here in the Philippines. It’s usually fried with/without egg or sometimes people just eat it fresh from the can.


But…. I’m not going to talk about its history. ehehe. I’ll blog about my Rice Cooker meal!

I woke up yesterday and was thinking of breakfast. I took a glance of our food stock and saw a can of Ma-Ling. I opened our fridge and scouted some ingredients that i can use.

One egg


Bread crumbs.

Viola! My culinary molecules kicked my brain cells and thought that “this bading can make this humble Ma-Ling more interesting!”

I opened the can and cut the meat into cubes. I mixed the flour and crumbs in to a container and added dashes of herbs and spices. Basil, oregano, sage, tarragon, chilli, chilli powder, white pepper and salt. I also added half a spoon of sugar.

For my first batch of my experiment. I just rolled in the cubed Ma-Lings to the breading mix. I then deep fried them. 


I noticed that the bread crumbs weren’t sticking so i scrambled the egg and dunked some. It became my batch 2.


Uhm, if i did the same process to the last batch, there will be some left over eggs. So i added shredded cheese and mashed it. Just like making meat balls, i took a teaspoonful and rolled them in.


I deep fried all the batched and placed them in a tissue paper to absorb all the oil.

i went back to our stock and saw a chicken soup and chichacorn. i cooked the soup and added some crushed chichacorn.

My Chicken chichacron chuvaklet soup is born! Lol.


To add a “healthy” factor in my breakfast bonanza, i cooked red rice.

And here you go.

My Triple Ma-Ling chuvaness with chicken chuvaklet soup in red rice!



I also mixed pan de manila white chocolate mix to a teaspoon of coffee. hot and yummy!



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