A couple of weeks ago, Tin sent me an instant message asking if we could eat before going home. So at the stroke of 3 in the afternoon, I went to her work desk to ask where are we going to munch but we decided to scout around McKinley Hill Piazza. While we were in the middle of the walk way, I wasn’t pretty sure on where we are going, eventually Tin has decided! She will have a… haircut. I was like, erm I thought we were just confused on where to eat. Anyway, I accompanied her to Bench Fix Salon and good thing my stylist was there to trim her hair. I waited for Tin’s new look while am tweetin, fb-ing, e-mail-ing etc etc etc. After a few minutes! Vavavamoom! She was like one of those girls in a shampoo commercial, happy with their crown and glory. When we stepped out of Fix and after going to the washroom, then we decided (this time) to eat in Bon Chon.


It wasn’t actually my first time to eat in Bon Chon but since the one in Venice Piazza is fairly new, we decided to check it out. We both went inside then… we stood in front of the cashier and then…a moment of silence. One of the hardest thing to do in a restaurant, deciding what to order. After our foodie brains worked, Tin chose Chapchae and I picked Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi.

When our order arrived, our eyes and tummies were so happy! Like children in a candy store but this time, its not sweets, it carbs. Disclaimer for the nest statements: we are not PGs. We were just curious on what’s the taste of each food. Tin had a piece of my chicken bulgogi while I had a fork or her chapchae. We agreed, what we had are both delicious meals!


crunchy chicken bulgogi 125 php

The  Chicken Bulgogi was really crispy! (Like haller, the.word.is.in.the.name). It’s a bit salty and has a tiny kick of spiciness. The umami-ish taste swam in my taste buds.


chap chae 75 php

The Chapchai (which, I had my own bowl of it just last week) has that pancit sotanghon sort of like taste but because of the slippery yummy noodle, the texture is beyond better.

After eating, we looked at their flyer with the menu. Eerrmmm… we went back to the cashier and ordered again. The crew asked us (I guess they just asked but I believe they were expecting an otherwise answer) if it’s “to go” but we replied “no. it’s for here” ehehe. Tin ordered what I had and I ordered the beef bulgogi wrap and 6 pcs bon chon chicken wings (3 spicy and 3 original) and I said that’s to go. A pasalubong for my kasambuhay.

Tin and I went back to our table and waited for our 2nd round. We immediately gave the buzz boy our dishes so other diners “hopefully” didn’t notice that we already ate. J The buzz boy came back and this time, with our new orders. (I actually noticed his eyes; it was like i-think-i-just-cleaned-their-table-and-im-serving-them-a-couple-of-for-here-meals-and-one-to-go-box curious look lol). Bell rang and round 2 started!



Beef Bulgogi Wrap 125php

The Beef Bulgogi wrap is just like shawarma… but the better version!! You don’t need to put any sauce in it. It’s juicy and had crispy bits inside. It also has greens like toge that makes me recommend it for first timers!

Just when you thought the bon chon is over… it was. Just for that day.

We had our “I shall return” day last week but we just ordered once ehehe we had chapchae and Ko-Yo (Korean Yogurt) for dessert. But since we had our yogurt first, it became our appetizer! (And for dessert, we had coffee in McDonalds at 4 in the afternoon where other customers are drinking cold stuff, Tin and I enjoyed our hot cup).


Ko-Yo mini – 35php

Ko-yo is a little sour but sweet and since its summer, it’s actually good to have a try of it.

If you were wondering what happened to the chicken take out? It did eventually reach home. :
) and since my tummy got tired of the travel (like as if ganun kalayo and I took a cab), I also ate 2 pcsJ.


Soy Garlic is so delicious and the spicy one… love love love!! It was sweat worth hot! But sad to say, compared to other fried chicken hubs, bon chon chix aren’t sarap to the bones. The divine goodness is only skin deep but beyond that, it’s just like what“piniritong manok with no nothing at all” plainness.

Location:  10 spoons

Venice piazza is just across our office so it’s convenient for me J

Employees: 8 spoons

Just normal.

Price: 8 spoons

Very reasonable!!!!

Food: 8 spoons

If they can improve the taste of the chicken (not the skin!!Please don’t change anything in that part!) I might have given them a 10. I liked the variety and the tastes. Plain and simple.


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