And the tandem strikes again. Earlier this afternoon, after our 9 hour duty. Tin and I ended up again in restaurant… in a hospital. No one was / is sick. We were in a hospital eating. 

I arrived in the office 30 minutes earlier to finish a couple of online trainings and LUCKILY my office laptop was acting up again so i needed to bring it to the IT dept. at 9:30 am (which i don’t want to mention that i stayed outside their office for more than an hour waiting for someone to fix my office lappy… just pretend you didn’t read it lol). My new daily work was discussed by Seus and i had a few hours to spare. Before lunch time, i went to Christine’s desk and had a little chika. We then just learned that we will be signing off by 3 pm so we decided to go downstairs together after work. Tin had to excuse herself for finish her deliverable, i sat down beside her watching her stuff while waiting for the “scheduled opening” of IT. eeeerrrrnnnggggkkkkk to cut to the story short, i just had my lappy fixed 3 hours before our end shift, i quickly finished what i need to finish and PMed her that I’m already online. 

may alam ka bang parlor near burgundy?” wow tin. Sweet inquiry. “Parlor”. Cliché? Me bading? lol. So i suggested a list of haircutting meccas near burgundy. “malapit na yun sa makati med” uhm.. Burgundy then Makati med? Ok. I responded shortly with a yes. Come to my surprise, she googled the “parlors” I’ve mentioned and read the reviews. She said that I’ll drop her off Waltermart Makati and have her hair done. She will be attending another foodie event by 6 so I asked her if we could try the Long Island resto in Makati Med ( since it was way too early for her event and she wants to go to Makati med and I was hungry ) eerrrrnnnkkk!!! We took a cab and went to the resto ehehehe.


My phone was running out of battery load so I only took few photos. Makati Medical City is a like a mall with many restaurants and stores. While we were on our way to Floating Island, I almost forgot that people go there if they’re ill.

The ambiance of the restaurant is so homey yet high end. Very shushal.As a beef loving person, i was torn between beef tapa and hamburger. It was a little pricy but the feel of the resto was enough for me to complain. Tin was also stuck between the “healthy” options. I forgot what her choices were but being a very supportive friend, she ordered the burger and i ordered the tapa. We also bought coffee for drinks instead of sodas or juices lol.

The food were then served after a few minutes and the munching started. Tin said she’s on a diet so she shared half of her burger and fries and I also have her scoop on my plate.

The tapsilog was ssssssooooo good!!! The beef tasted like it was marinated and grilled at home. The flavour actually gave me a very cosy feeling. The scrambled egg and garlic rice tasted like my sister’s cooking. Yum!!! You must try it.


My apologies if I don’t have a photo of the burger but eerrrr Tin and I agreed that it was almost an epic fail. The bread actually tastes good; it’s like a home baked bun with herbs and spices. The fries was just fine however, the beef patty tasted like meat balls just flattened. The taste and texture, it’s like my brain cells, it’s all over the place. I\The garlic was too prominent and the herbs got divorced with the taste of the meat. urm… burger peeps, try other options.

And for dessert. Coffee lol.


urmm.. Coffee drinkers… try to add a little sugar or cream. It was a little…uhm… “Blah”.

The verdict:

Place: 9 spoons (I just live near so blehehehe)

If you’re living in Makati or if you know someone who needs to be taken to MMC, it’s not that bad to try the resto.


Price: 8 spoons.

Like what I’ve said, it’s a little expensive but the feel and the ambiance is all worth it. 

Taste: 9

If it weren’t for the tapa… no comment.

Employees: 9

Not bad for 10% service charge.



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