Grade school days, my nanay used to bring home pizzas at home. Eventhough we lived in the great far province of Cavite City, nanay always bring home something to munch in after work. One time, she was asked to work in Quezon City and that is when I first tasted dominos pizza. ( Nanay is a great cook and foodie and for sure I got this genes from her lol ). Time passed and I started wondering where’s that famous dominos pizza nowadays. It’s not as commercial as pizza hut and shakeys that’s why I though they’re instinct or maybe lost the great taste that lose their place in the philippine pizza world.

I’ve been living in washington street makati for more than 5 years and just recently i noticed that there is a Dominos pizza hub near by. One hot morning after work, my partner and I decided to drop off a few blocks away from home and order a box of pizza. 

I actually dont know what to order because its been years since i last tasted any of their food so we opted to their new flavour “pinoy barbecue” then the cashier asked, what about the other pizza. oh! it’s buy 1 take 1 !! i drolled and chose their extravaganza. 

Since then we almost became regulars. ( i became the mayor of dominos pizza marvin sq in four square lol ). One time, i was on restday and my partner was on his way home. i was so lazy to cook and i just had my internet access up. I scouted our wall of flyers and saw the one from dominos. I signed up on their website and placed my order. ( If you like cooking games, you gonna like their site too lol it will give you options on which pizza, what size, add on etc lol )


(I double decker pinoy bbq 10 inches)

I was lying down and waited for a call for order verification like other restaurants do. Got a little iffy waiting but after less than 20 minutes someone knocked on my door. I thought it was my kasambuhay but to my surprise! its the pizza delivery guy! i was like ” oh. i was waiting for a call from you store” and the manong laugh a little, “dito pala kayo nakatira sir, kilala na po kayo sa store”. oh! sikat. 


( Double Decker 10 inches Extravaganzza )


we’ll that was the fastest and most efficient delivery service i have ever known and i giving kudos to them. 

p.s. i almost forgot to mention how yummy their double decker pizza is. (its like one of their crust options, instead of thin crust, they have cheese in the middle of two paper thin crusts ) soo smart and sooo deliciouso!!



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