Being a foodie, you must be really adventurous when it comes to food (well obviously lol). Your tounge must be really versatile for you to write “major major” gastronomically encounters. Sad to say, I’m just half the glutton that I am. I’m one of those unfortunate souls who are allergic to seafood. I can only eat canned sardines and tuna and macarel, bagoong, tuyo and daing and sweetened pusit and dilis, other than that. I have to have my maxi care card ready lol. I also don’t drink alcoholic beverages, only sparkling soda or just a sip of chardonnay are my limitations. I know I’m missing great part of life not enjoying that stuff but it won’t stop me for exploring the dishes i can devour!

Buffet is one of my ways of tapping myself on a back in every achievement or just a simple luxury if we have enough time and savings. With no further a do, here’s a list of what I do every time I’m set to sail in the abyss of chewing extravaganza!

My buffet tips and toes!


1. Minimal or no rice involve.

E.g. paella, fried rice, Yangchow, maki etc. our culture likes rice in every meal. And being biologically male, I tend to eat more than a cup or sometimes the entire basket of rice in kanin club. Well in buffets, i try to turn a way a bit from these carbs little bits. madaling makabusog ang kanin. Always remember that so try resist temptations or have a little of it.


(My favourite pumpkin soup of Tony Romas)

2. Minimal soup.

Just a few spoonfuls in your bowl are enough for you to taste all of them. Soups are liquid and usually thick, it can make your tummy heavy easily.


3. Have a bit of everything.

Just slim slices of meat or just a few spoonfuls of what you want to taste. It will give your tongue a variety and will give you more tummy space for the one you will like or like the best!


4. Don’t drink too much.

Sip a little at time. But don’t be shy drinking if you’re already thirsty or if the food is really spicy. Make sure you have enough drink to grab when you feel you’re about to choke. Sodas and fruit shakes are sweet, “madaling makabusog at makaumay”. Have a glass of iced water or tea instead.


5. Taste the unusual.

Adobos, friend chickens, afritadas etc. are home cooked meals and carenderias have them. Try some cuisines that are new to you. Don’t be afraid to explore. Just make sure you’re not allergic to it and ASK for the ingredients of major components of the dish. It’s hard to enjoy the rest if the feast grasping for air or scratching yourself. For those who are blessed, they sometimes don’t ask, they’re the braver soul lol.


6. Pause for desserts.

After tasting the appetizers, main courses, and its time for my favourite part of the meal! THE SWEETS! Pause for a few minutes. Have a sip of coffee or tea to give a little more space for treats. Also have a glass of cold water or hot tea near you just in case your taste bud finds something too sweet. For cakes, don’t take the bigger slice, as much as possible just get the part you like but slimmer than the big chunk. For fruits, sparkling practically, aim for the expensive ones lol. we can get a Fuji apple for 20 php but if you see big tounged strawberries moreover fruits that are not usually seen in markets like blueberries, raspberries etc., get more than a piece ehehe.

Majority of the buffet hubs only allows you to have your “shall return’s for only a couple of hours but if you’re done with my fancy 6 steps, still have time and tummy space, you can go ahead and have another set of the few of the food you liked the most!



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