A couple of years ago, where online voucher sellers are on it’s peak, my first purchase was this 500 php worth of gift certificate for only 250 php. I bought two. I thought this will be a nice dinner gift for me and my partner. So with the help of my BFF Carla, she helped buy, pay and reserve the place ( because she already ate there and she highly recomended the resto ), we started searching for this place right after work.

“No sense of direction”-its one of my synonyms. P burgos cirle is just a few minutes away from upper mckinley hill and i still dont have any clue on how to get there. My partner and i hopped in a cab and told the driver “manong, p burgos circle” ( with a very confident note that i know where we’re going. my jaw dropped when the driver said he’s not familiar with p burgos circle. I then used one of my life lines, “call a friend” so i called carla and asked every single detail on how to get there. result? we dropped off in St. Lukes, walked and walked and almost got lost. lol ( yeah that how efficient i am when it comes to direction, what me to tour you around? lol )

i didnt know that this place is sort of like a very sosy hub. i was not prepared. just wearing a very uber casual white polo shirt and a hand me down jeans. bad hair day. yeah. its after work.

Alas! we arrived in sweet bellas for almost an hour of search. we entered and we were quite intimidated with their guests. very sosy group of people in a table or two. then, Maui Taylor. yeah, she was there. The place is pretty  small but cozy, french touch with french music. i like! the waiter was kind enough to walk us to our table upstairs and gave us the menu as i hand him over our vouchers.

Selections were not that vast and personally, i think its reasonably priced. With a ceiling of 1000 php, we ordered spaghetti in red sauce, carbonara penne and mergherita pizza. ( i forgot the exact names of the dishes and the amount ehehe sorry ) I can still recall how they tasted. after approx 10 mins, our dinner arrived.


what the?! isaw on top of a pasta dish?! na-ah!! its an sort-of-like-an-isaw-looking-breadstick. cool… very creative. and very yummy!

The red sauced pasta. yumm. the pinch of tomato sour-ish taste went well with the herbs and there was a little spicy-sweet kick that i liked.


The carbonara penne. uhm not a real fan of white sauces but this one tasted really good. it was very creamy richily cheesyly yummy.


Margherita, ( not sure about the spelling and too lazy to check lol ). oh. deliciouso! a must try when you visit. the cheese melts in your mouth, the basil leaf feels like its singing in your tounge and every bite is a moment of “yyuuhhmmmmmm…”

after the meal, we still have change from the voucher so i just added a few bucks for this heavenly delicious strawberry cheese cake to go.


Now my mouth is watering, lets start the verdict.

Location: now am familiar with the P burgos hub. it’s very accessible if your working in BGC area or in Makati business district. Centralized. Cozy. French-ish. nice place for a dinner with frineds or for a casual date with your lovidubs

9 spoons out of 10.

Food: yum.

10 spoons out of 10!


10 spoons out of 10.

Price: not your typical budget date spot. more of a midscale cafe so again, i find it reasonable priced.

8 spoons out of 10.

over all, i can say is bella is sweet. highly recomended.

9 spoons out of 10.


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