Back pain. Sore throat. Fever.

Enough reasons for me to head off to a clinic today. We took off around noon to see my doctor, unfortunately she’s not around and the ENT doctor will be arriving in a couple of hours but the good news is, i saw my dear bff Carla Mae in Medical City Walter Mart. We walked and reach the 2nd floor of the mart before we went on separate ways. Since it’s a little too early for my appointment, we decided to eat our lunch before going to San Beda church (ash wednesday but we missed the line huhu ).

We then entered Mr. Choi Kitchen.


G/F Waltermart, 790 Chino roces Ave.

Makati City

We’ve been here for more than 5 times already and what’s favorite dish here?


Vegetarian Fried Noodles! (195 php )

one this i like about this dish is you will get the noodles separated from the sauce and you get to have the options for them to combine them. but i always refuse ehehehe i always want to plate my own food so na ah mister waiter, you place it there and amagana do the rest owhkey! lol


the noodles ( obviously )


the yummy veggie sauce!

(though the brocolli were chopped bigger than a bite size, it’s just fine )

knowing me when eating, im not happy with one dish alone so my partner ordered:


Beef brisket and wanton noodle soup (185 php )

Since i can only eat noodles, i also devoured almost half of this soup ehehe. it;s really yummy and beefy!

We also added:

Makati City-20130213-01715
Beancurd roll with oyster sauce ( 90 php for 3 pcs )

which is uhm, like your typical spring roll with vegetables and little chunks of meat and tofu.


now the ratings:

The Ambiance

If your not comfortable being watched by people going up and down the escalator, ask for a table on the inner side of the restaurant. The feel is very chinese but it’s a little too dark for me. I just hope they have their own restroom.

8 spoons

The Staff

Just fine. Just wish the nice female server is wearing a much more chinese-like uniform rather than a white polo shirt and black pants.

9 soons

Value for money

i have to say that the serving is really big and what we’ve ordered is already good for 4 to 8 people depending on their diet. I find it still affordable except the appetizers, 3 pcs of siomai or spring roll for 90 bucks? uhm i can get 5 of those with rice and drink in jollibee for only 50 pesos. if it werent for the fried noodle lol.

9 spoons.

over all, this restaurant is good for shopper and grocery hunters because its just on the upper ground floor of waltermart. also good for family because they have enbough space and table settings for 6 to 10 people.

8 spoons


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