Shakeys makati cinema square

Feb 08 2013

11:30 am

Few days back, i got the most exciting message i got since i started working in our company. i passed a couple of interviews and was offered a different post in a new department. been waiting for this career move for almost a couple of years!

Payday friday and its my last rest day for the week ( yeah work again tonight huhuhu i still want to stay at home ).  my partner and i went out to have buy some groceries but before we head to waltermart, we decided to celebrate a little and dine in to Shakeys.

we ordered:

Deal 1. price 660 php


Large thin crust pizza ( we chose their new flavor “Mediterranean Crunch )


Solo pack Mojos and Chicken ( 3 pcs chicken and of course, MOJOS! )

a pitcher of iced tea

price: 660Image

and we added

Baked italian sausage penne.


we also purchased a Shakey’s SuperCard ( 399 php )


– 10% off ( dine in and carry out )

– 1 FREE PIZZA for EVERY PIZZA DELIVERY ( sounds good to me! )

– valid for one year and points can be transferred to your new card (at least 7 days notice before the exp date ) and of course, you need to pay another 399 php ehehe

– Birthday treat ( good thing i bought it few days before my birthday ) you’ll get a large pizza once you present the card and an ID ( you will be filling out a form with your birthdate required so they will know when will they give you your complimentary pan ) valid up to 7 days from the date ).

once you filled out the form, you’ll get your 10% discount on selected food item(s) you purchased ( we got ours from the penne ) and once they have entered your details, you will get your card and a free tumbler.


we will never forget the name of the waiter because he mentioned to us like 3 – time. ( yes mark, we know your name and how to spell it. )


ambiance, the street of pasong tamo. not bad if you will not mind the people walking at staring at you like your eating in an aquarium but they also have some couches and seats that are not visible from the passer bys. it was a little hot because we were the first customers so we didnt mind the few minute wait time for the AC to cool up the place.

9 spoons


yes mark. very polite and the typical waiter who always attend to your call but that time it seems like he’s the only one there and sometimes no where to be found. yes mark. yes.

9 spoons


The penne, uhm… just fine. it seems like the sausages were finely chopped thats why i wasnt able to see or taste it.

8 spoons

The Chicken

Just fine.

9 spoons.

The Mojos.

too thickly sliced compared to the previous mojos i enjoyed.

7 spoons.

The Pizza

Expect a little saltiness from the cheese and the friend potato strips but for my taste buds, it’s a little TOO salty so i only eat a couple of slices. nothing too Mediterranean-ish.

6 spoons.

My over all rating for this experience;

7 spoons


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