Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina Kapitolyo

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Payday in one week and office rats are all excited to know where to have their team lunch out. It was a breezy afternoon where me and my seatmate Selle talked about having a food trip. She said we can try Kapitolyo Pasig since it’s just nearby the office. Clueless on what the place has, we followed the suggestion of Marj. She said she seldom goes to Kapitolyo and she liked a restaurant called Silantro.

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Clock almost hit mid day and everyone made sure all work were done before packing our hunger and discover what’s beyond our radius. Based on waze, it was just a few minutes from the office but woot woot be mindful, we are still in the Philippines so traffic jam is still prominent.

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Silatro is just located along the highway so it was easy for our uber driver to find. The place isn’t really fancy, It reminds me of bagnet 8065. With no further ado, we scanned the menu. Kim, Manny, Eian and me decided to team up to try at least 4 different dishes so we picked a variety. It was approximately 30 minutes long wait for the main courses to be served hot off the grill. Luckily Kim treated us with nachos!

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Calliente wings


Silantro’s Pork Ribs

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Beef Skewers

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Skewers (Grilled Pork and Chicken)

20170915_132256 (2)Grilled Porkchop

The dishes that we tried are extremely delicious and very yummy! and the price? very reasonable. It’s like whow whow whow!! each servings is actually good for two! but if you eat like me, it’s just enough to satisfy your hunger. Good job to Marj for this food find in the midst of Kapitolyo Pasig! This place is highly recommended for Mexican food finders and for those who are craving for FIlipino dish with a twist! They’re open from 11:00 am to 11:00pm Mondays to Sundays and can accomodate approximately more than 100 pax both inside and outside seating.


Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina Facebook

75 East Capitol Drive Kapitolyo
(02) 654 9657